I always have a hard time thinking of a good costume idea because every idea I think of is a boy character. So this year, I decided to forget about gender and to revamp Captain Crunch as a woman!

The best part of my costume was the hat! This hat is made from foam covered with blue spandex fabric. I hot glued the fabric to the foam, then I stitched the two foam pieces together. I added the “C” to the hat using heat and bond.

I used a pattern for a baby doll dress with a few creative adjustments (adding tool under the skirt, changing the neckline to a v-neck, etc…). The blue and yellow fabric is spandex, which saved me the trouble of messing with a zipper and making it easier to create a good fit. The buttons are made from foam covered with the yellow fabric. The yellow sleeve cuffs are tacked down so they would not slide around. The shoulder boards are made with fabric and yarn and attached with hot glue.

This costume was fun to make and it was a big hit on Halloween! “You and the Captain make it Happen!” – Captain Crunch