Coolest Cereal Box Prize Costume

It all started with a cardboard shipping box from Wal-Mart. When I couldn’t think of anything cute and looking at the prices of this year’s Halloween costumes, I decided to go ahead and make my son a prize inside a box of Captain Crunch to save money.

The drawing out was done after laying a coat of yellow house paint onto the box that I had left over from painting my kitchen. I cut holes for the arms with a kitchen knife. Then looked at the actual cereal box and enlarged freelance with a marker. Filled it in with some left over craft paint following the color code on the box of cereal AI already had.

Voila I think it turned out great! I know the best part of Halloween for me is making my children unique Halloween costumes that are also an affordable option instead of going broke buying those cheap looking yet pricey costumes in the stores. Proving to myself one more year again that home made is the best route to go!

Cereal Box Prize Costume

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