Super Easy Jolly Green Giant Costume

Super Easy Jolly Green Giant Costume

I think the inspiration for this super easy Jolly Green Giant costume came from a day working in the yard.  I really liked the look of this costume especially since it was extremely easy to make.  I was The Hulk at a party in the past and had a lot of green body paint left … Read more

Coolest Green Giant and Sprout Couple Costume

Green Giant Costume

The inception of this Green Giant and Sprout Couple Costume came quite innocently at a day of work in the drywall industry. In this field of work I wear all white clothing. On most days my job requires me to wear stilts to reach some of the work I have to do day to day. … Read more

Really Green Jolly Green Giant Costume

Original Jolly Green Giant

My Jolly Green Giant costume has leaves that are actually glued to my hair and I’m painted green with green food coloring. So far people seem to really love this costume. It’s fun to do and it’s easy to do and I like doing it . Literally all I did was take apart a fake … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sprout Jolly Green Giant Costume


This homemade Sprout Jolly Green Giant costume was perfect for my son, not only because he looks just like Sprout, but because it was comfortable for him and very easy to make. I just took a green youth T-shirt, cut the neck and one arm off to make it a one-shoulder shirt and cut off … Read more

Coolest Jolly Green Giant Costume

Homemade Jolly Green Giant Costume

My son Jacob wanted a Jolly Green Giant Costume. I bought a green costume for under $10 and then covered it with leaves. The leaves were on a vine and I cut them off to sew them all laying flat like the Giant. For his head we cut a baseball cap that was too small … Read more

Green Bean Pod and the Jolly Green Giant Couple Costume

Homemade Green Bean Pod and the Jolly Green Giant Couple Costume

I just got the idea one day talking with my boyfriend on what we should be and with us both being sooo tall Giant came into mind which lead onto the idea of Jolly Green Giant! And I wanted to make it into a couples thing so obviously a vegetable would be a funny choice! … Read more