Coolest Homemade Rosie the Riveter Costume

Homemade Rosie the Riveter Costume

Every year at work we have a Halloween costume contest. This year, I was working with a limited budget, and I wanted to make sure that no one else would have the same costume as me. I stumbled across Rosie the Riveter idea accidentally – while browsing a poster website. It was very easy to … Read more

Coolest Homemade McDonald’s Group Costume

Homemade McDonald's Group Costume

This Homemade McDonald’s Group Costume idea took hours to put together, but was worth every second! We won numerous costume contests and had SOOO much fun! My sister and I love to come up with obscure costumes and decided to involve our husbands and friend this year too! The entire idea started with the “bobby” … Read more

Cool DIY Wendy’s Hamburger and Fries Pet and Owner Costume

Wendy's Hamburger and Fries

When your name is Wendy and you have natural red hair there is really only one costume option for you! I’ve been wanting to create this costume for a long time, but I needed the right accomplices. It all started when I saw the blue striped, puffy sleeve blouse for sale at The Gap. After … Read more

Really Green Jolly Green Giant Costume

Original Jolly Green Giant

My Jolly Green Giant costume has leaves that are actually glued to my hair and I’m painted green with green food coloring. So far people seem to really love this costume. It’s fun to do and it’s easy to do and I like doing it . Literally all I did was take apart a fake … Read more

Cool DIY Fast Food Family Costume

Fast food family

So we decided hat this year we would have m and my kids all participant in a family costume. We wanted to be original nothing scary so we went for fast food. My oldest son’s costume was the most difficult to make the head for jack in the box. We used news paper which nowadays … Read more

Easy DIY Fruit Loops Costume

Fruit Loops Costume

For my Fruit Loops costume, I first created the paper mache bowl which was definitely the hardest part! Then I cut up colorful pool noodles and glued them into the bowl. I then covered a cut up piece of cardboard and covered it with tin foil as the spoon. To finish it off, I added … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Kool Aid Man Costume

Homemade Baby Kool Aid Man Costume

Here’s our cool Kool Aid Man Costume! This year my husband has been laid off more than once and this month has really hit us hard, so unfortunately I did not have much money to work with this year, but thank goodness I am a craft maniac, I make my kids costumes every year, so … Read more

Awesome Homemade Cereal Mascot Group Costumes

I found the Toucan Sam and Captain Crunch jacket at the thrift store and got my inspiration there. The Tony the Tiger costume is a Broncos sweatshirt with fake fur and black duck tape. The pants are also black duck tape. All items are thrift store bought except a few things. We were quite the … Read more

Cool Homemade Energizer Bunny Halloween Costume

energizer bunny halloween costume

I wanted to do my very first DIY costume. So, I went online and googled DIY costumes and to my surprise your website popped up. I went and looked through the costumes people had posted and found the Energizer Bunny. I thought it was such a cute idea and it seemed pretty easy to make. … Read more

Cool Got Milk Costume

Cool Got Milk Costume

This was one adventure in the making!! My husband and I spent some time thinking about the Got Milk costume for a while, but once we got the supplies: paint, staple gun, padding (for shoulders), and foam for the straw, the fun began!!! This happened once we ordered a milk carton costume from Amazon. We … Read more

Amazing DIY Fast Food Group Costume

Amazing DIY Fast Food Group Costume

We dressed up as fast food characters during our annual trip to Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland. We were stopped countless times for pictures. I thought my kids would get frustrated as it slowed us down from rides, but they loved the attention. As soon as one picture was taken, another person would jump in … Read more

Cool DIY We Can Do It Costume

Cool DIY We Can Do It Costume

My hard working mother wanted to dress up as an inspirational image. What more than to show the hard working morale of women – “We can do it!”. We came up with just simply making a poster with the “We can do it” letters and attaching shoelaces to use it as a backpack. We also … Read more