Winning Google Android Costume

Winning Google Android Costume

I got the idea of an Android costume because I work with a cell phone company. My favorite devices are those with Googles Android. My goal was to have the most recognized and entertaining costume. “IT WAS! “The moment I walked in sight people were excited and rushing to get there pictures taken with me. … Read more

DROOOOID. :) Android!

Homemade Droid Android Costume

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Android devices and I hate Apple products. So I have decided since everyone will be zombie Steve Jobs this year someone is going to have to destroy that zombie and who more appropriate that Andy the Android! I made a Droid Android Costume, put it on and am pretty happy with … Read more

Coolest Android Costume

Homemade Android Costume

My 7 year old son was Pac-Man last year (thank you to this site for the ideas) and got rave reviews. Naturally he wanted another homemade costume this year. He is the Android character from the Android operating system. College kids and techies knew what he was but everyone else thought he was some sort … Read more