A friend of mine wants to become a make-up artist, so she used me to practise scars which were supposed to look disgusting but just happened to look sort of stupid. So we wanted to make sure we keep on practising before Halloween but couldn’t find time for it. As we got tickets for a huge Halloween party on where we wanted to have the best costumes of all the pressure was getting huge and still we couldn’t find time to practise but a few hours before the party. So I went to her place trying to figure out how we could dress up.

Finally we came up with the idea to make me an exploded face using liquid latex which we also used for the scars. Starting to drown tissues and cotton balls in liquid latex we gave it a go. After two hours of gluing latex stuff in my face I looked anything but scary or appropriate for Halloween. More like a white bearded Santa than a guy with an exploded face. The friend of mine started to paint it though using fake blood mixed with coffee to make it look more realistic. It looked more and more disgusting and we were both very impressed by the result.

The reactions of family members and the people on the party were awesome. A lot of them wanted to take pictures with me and some women actually got really scared.

All of the face is made of tissues and cotton balls drowned in latex. For the teeth I bit in a piece of clay and filled the whole with latex to get a dental impression of my own teeth. So the exploded face was a really good idea, until I came home and just didn’t know how to get the latex off of my face without getting a real exploded face.