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Coolest DIY Scary Doll Costumes for a Group

Here’s the story behind our scary doll costumes. I received a message from my sister asking if I could come up with a fun theme for her and her friends to use. After some thought it grew from a fun group costume to a large scale costume that grew and grew!

I have always loved scary movies. Something about the dolls in horror films have always had a special place in my nightmares! These are just a few of my favorite dolls that I was able to recreate with the help of my husband. Overall we spent close to $1,500 creating these scary doll costumes as we created everything from scratch. Yes….everything!

As for who was all involved and wearing each costume:

  • I was Billy from Saw
  • My husband Alex was Billy from Dead Silence
  • My Sister Shaylee was Annabelle
  • Our friend Jordan was Tiffany
  • A friend Mallory was Chucky
  • Our friend Lexi was the Poltergeist clown

We started creating our scary doll costumes first by making the props. Building the trike was the most difficult. We took an existing bicycle and turned it into a tricycle that would also pilot Annabelle and her case for the night. We were only able to use the handle bars and front tire off the bike. Then my husband worked his magic on the rest.

For Annabelle’s case we needed it to be very light so that Billy from Saw would be able to still pedal her around. Aluminum framing worked and plexi glass was inserted after all the items were powder coated. For the wagon we took the wheel and handles off of a large gardening wagon. We then added a platform and the sides to make it look like an old Radio Flyer. 

For the Dolls each were made to fit the model. The models for Chucky and Tiffany were cast and then full face prosthetics were cast from dragon skin to give them their features. The other dolls had more of a “porcelain” look to them. I used a 2 part epoxy to sculpt each mask. Then I used a dremel to add detail and then it was time for paint! 

Billy from Dead Silence was my first mask to create and he was also my hardest as he was a 3 piece mask that covered the entire head of my model! (He reminded me throughout the night was really uncomfortable and heavy.)

For Billy from Saw I wanted to make sure his mouth actually moved like in the movies so that he could act out the scenes from the movie that we had playing on speakers we had mounted in the wagon. Also made sure to play that creepy laugh when ever anyone was close enough to hear it! 

The clown from Poltergeist ended up being one of my favorites because I remember that psychotic thing rocking in that chair in the corner of that little boys room! I sculpted it just like the others and then added a plastic clown nose that I pressed into the apoxie to give the clown nose look. I sewed the whole clown costume from scratch besides the tights and the shoes!

For Annabelle I wanted her to look just like the doll from the movie sitting in there so face paint wasn’t going to cut it. After numerous sculpting sessions I was finally happy with her and she CREEPED ME OUT!!! I was able to get help from my Maw Maw to sew Annabelle’s Dress and also Tiffany’s dress since she is a seamstress and was way more qualified for the job.

Overall, we had so much fun making and wearing these scary doll costumes. It was my favorite Halloween so far and the response we received in our home town was amazing! It even landed us on the news!!! You can see the interview here on FB.

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