175+ Creepy DIY Zombie Costume Ideas

For you, Halloween is not the time for adorable costumes or sweet dress-ups. No, you are out to seriously frighten young children and adults alike. To that end, we present this section of scary Halloween costumes. Creepy, horrifying and even revolting, these DIY Zombie costume ideas are not for the faint of heart.

A natural choice for those motivated by mutilation is, of course, a zombie costume. Zombies of all shapes and sizes stagger over these pages. It is extremely impressive at how creative people become when figuring out just how hair-raising to configure their death-like characters.

In addition, you will also find plenty of mummies and monsters glaring at you. Also featured are skulls, ghosts, Frankensteins and creepy dolls. Even more costumes include an exploded face which is still giving us nightmares. Still more are electric chair optical illusions and a one eyed monster that makes us shudder.

If you were freaked out from the TV show, you will absolutely want to dress as American Horror Story characters. It is incredible what well-applied make-up can do to transform your appearance into something truly grotesque.

Latest DIY Zombie Costume Ideas

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Cool Homemade Zombie Costume

Although this is a homemade costume, this image may be disturbing or sensitive to some viewers.

I started this homemade zombie costume with a suit from the Thrift store, brown shoes and white shirt. I ripped out pieces from the suit. I then added details with fake blood and red paint. I added moss to the shoes and different parts of the body. I then used a plastic bone that I cut in half. I then used pieces of the bone to create bone parts that popped out of the suit in different parts of the body. Read more »

Creepy Walking Dead Zombie Costume!

Although this is a homemade costume, this image may be disturbing or sensitive to some viewers.

Hey guys! My name is Alexandra. I’m a Cosmetologist, Artist, and Musician from Central Illinois. I’m a huge Walking Dead fan. I’m extremely intrigued by the amount of art and effort put into the making of the show. I decided to turn my obsession into a reality this year for Halloween! Instead of being a sexy nurse or Elsa from Frozen, I decided to transform myself into a terrifying Zombie. Read more »