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Super Realistic Zombie Poison Ivy and Zombie Riddler Costumes

By the time Halloween 2016 rolled around, I had been wanting to be Poison Ivy for a few years. And I finally did it – threefold. I had purchased a gorgeous (and expensive) PVC corset/superhero underwear set in 2014 and planned on wearing that. But…I didn’t make it… I always make my costume.

I had a couple of Halloween events to go to, plus I needed a more conservative costume for work. I decided to make two more costumes, so I’d have a total of three for this year. I did not want my second costume to be too similar to the corset one, I wanted to be a different version of the same character.

I decided it should be two pieces. I found that I had a nude VS push up bra I could sacrifice and dye green and I had a pair of black Jockey booty shorts I never really wore. I took those two pieces and, after dying the bra, started hot gluing ivy leaves all over them in a row pattern, just slightly overlapping one over the next (very time consuming).

I couldn’t find any green tights so I bought white ones and added them to the dye along with the bra. I also bought a pair of white children’s tights, dyed them and cut the toes off so I could use them as gloves. I hot-glued small ivy leaves at the top of my “gloves”.

As the costume was coming along, I had a revelation. Why would I NOT Zombie-fy this?! I knew once I put runs in the tights there was no going back. I started snagging them and pulling the fabric so runs would form. The more I did it, the bigger my smile got. Then I cut holes in the gloves to give them a destroyed look.

I wasn’t prepared for what I had done, so I didn’t have time to order good body paint. I ended up using the cheap tubes of Halloween makeup (mostly green) that you can get anywhere that time of year and my own makeup.

For Riddler, I had bought a vintage green sports coat on ebay for my husband. I went to the craft store and got a question mark stencil and painted question marks on it with craft paint and a stippling brush. I bought a pair of black Dockers at the thrift store and cut the legs off in a jagged fashion. I painted a question mark on a green bowler style costume hat, and did his makeup. I’m including a photo of the corset costume just so you can see how much cooler the Zombie version turned out (at least I think so)! I did make the green glitter eyebrows and hair horns; and my husband spray painted my boots green.

I couldn’t believe when I searched this site that no results came up for Zombie Poison Ivy or Zombie Riddler. Maybe we are the only ones! ;)

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