This was a great group costume: Poison Ivy, The Riddler, Harley Quinn Vs. Batman.

Poison Ivy– green stockings, black booty shorts, dyed my hair red, tank top with ivy leaves purchased from Michael’s craft store glued on with a hot glue gun. Took hours to make the top!

The Riddler– green morph suit purchased at Halloween store. Cut out black question marks from scrap fabric and hot glued all over the suit. Riddler cane also purchased from Halloween store.

Harley Quinn– red ruffled booty shorts, red and black lace corset top, diamond fishnet stockings, drawn on diamonds on hip bones.

Batgirl– black body con dress, Batman cape, black boots

The most fun part about being this group costume was that instead of majority being superheroes, we were the villains! It was fun being on the opposing side. The hardest part of this costume was poison ivy’s leaves and the Riddler’s question marks. Both took hours and lots of burning of fingers from hot glue! The funniest part of this group costume was how great the Riddler’s legs look in a spandex suit!