My daughter wanted to be The Riddler so I decided to make one for her. Found the hat a Party City, blazer at a thrift store, cane we had to buy online. Also we had to dye the jacket a darker green and bought a fabric marker to make the ? marks. I then decided I wanted to be Poison Ivy. Had Dollar store elf tee sitting in a box that I turned inside out, cut into a more flattering fit and sewed. Then bought a bunch of leaves, some from Michael’s others from Thrift stores. Took out my handy dandy hot glue gun and went to town.

Bought white tights and white lace gloves from Target and dyed green. The boots we’re $4 at a thrift store, bought spray paint for a few bucks and painted them green. Also glued some ivy leaves to some old dangle earrings. Got tons of compliments on our home made costumes. Cost of the Riddler about $30, cost of the Poison Ivy materials around $20.