The theme in our house last year was Batman Villains! I settled on Poison Ivy, my brother on The Scarecrow and my other bro and his friend couldn’t decide who would go as Bane, so they went as Double-Bane.

So here’s how the costumes went:

Poison Ivy: I bought 10ft of fake ivy on eBay for less than $10 including delivery. But you can get it at a garden supply store. I used glue to stick the ivy leaves on to an old green top and skirt. Half way through sticking the leaves on I figured out it was easier to cut the leaves off the vines! The green tights, I bought at a cheap store. I already had the red wig from a previous costume. The red berries on the twigs I used on top on my head were bought at a garden center for $2. For my makeup I used red and yellow eye shadow. For the eyebrows I found a maple tree that was shedding its leaves. I cut some of the yellow and orange leaves into shape to fit around my eyebrow and stuck them on using eyelash or body glue.

The Scarecrow: My brother just used an old suit that he had. For the mask he bought the brown material sack at a garden center or a garden supply store. He then cut holes out for the eyes and used a darning needle and wool to sow the shape of the mouth. He got some rope at a hardware store and used that around his neck. He got the plastic reaping blade at a costume store.

The Banes: The guys got the bane masks on eBay. They didn’t fit correctly so they put strips of foam on the inside on them. They made the gloves from a piece of leather they got at a fabric store for a couple of dollars. They got the jackets at a cheap store, they cost about $10 each and they just tried belts around the waist. One of the guys already shaved his head, which was handy, but my brother didn’t want to shave his, so he bought a white swimming hat and sprayed it with Sally Handson makeup spray.

We had lots of fun making them and I hope some of these tips were helpful!