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Coolest Bane and Poison Ivy Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I do couples costumes every year, this was our first attempt at home-made costumes and well it worked out perfect! We spent about a month deciding what we wanted to do and writing lists of all the stuff we needed, but this Bane and Poison Ivy couple costume was also a last minute project. We made it all in less then 17 hours of work time. We got great reactions and won 3 contests. The outfits held up well. Below are directions on how to make both Poison Ivy and bane costumes.

Poision Ivy: Get a 1 piece bathing suite, or a corset and some boy shorts underwear in a dark green (you could also dye it) and hot glue ivy leaves all over it. One on top of another to cover EVERY inch of fabric. Be careful because I got a 3rd degree burn while doing this. I got my leaves off a fake plant, I found it cheapest to go to World Thrift or a Goodwill and they had whole displays of these fake plants for 2 dollars.

Get green leggings and green arm sleeves, but if you can’t find green get white cotton and dye it, if its not cotton and its some other material make sure it can be dyed. For the shoes I also went to Goodwill and I found boots, they were brown. I spray painted them green and hot glued ivy leaves on them as well. For my hair I got a long red wig which was kind of pricy because I did it last minute. Shop around online early but you could also dye your hair. Do your make-up in tones or red, orange, gold and green. Use bright red lipstick. For the eyebrows I picked up some fall colored maple leafs and used spirit gum to glue them on to my eyebrows. That is pretty much it. ENJOY.
**I reccomend washing the leafs if you get them from a used store because mine had dust and dust mites all over them.

Bane: Get a vest from a arm supply store ($45) and sand colored duct tape as well as brown duct tape. This is the time consuming part, you have to tape off the areas that aren’t the right colors. Go to Walmart and get grayish cargo pants with pockets and a belt. Go to Kmart and get a wrist protector and cover parts in the same duct tape. Shave your chest if you have hair (get a tan as well). Shave your head too. The only thing that wasn’t made on his costume was the mask. Go to halloweenspirit.com and order the mask. It is a one size fits all, we had to super glue and sew the mask from the back when it was on his head because it was WAY to big.

For those of you who don’t know; in the original Batman’s Bane and Ivy were a thing. Watch clips of Batman and Robin if you want to get an idea of how they acted.

Coolest Bane and Poison Ivy Couple Costume

Coolest Bane and Poison Ivy Couple Costume

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