We always find it to be way more fun to create our own Halloween costumes. We all loved Batman so it was pretty fun.

For Robin it was easy got him a red shirt. I painted on the logo with puff paint, bought him some tight girl leggings and dyed them green, sewed up a yellow cape and constructed the belt out of duct tape and old food boxes from the house.

Ivy is one of my favorite villains so I was super excited. I had an old white body shaper that I dyed green and then made a short little skirt out of green fabric. Got a bunch of leaves from the Dollar store and started cutting them off. I also decorated the leaves with green and glow in the dark glitter. Glued them all over the costume. Very easy and simple.

Batman was the big challenge. We bought some old black clothes that fit tight at a second hand store, also scored some pretty sweet boots there too. We made the cape out of a huge piece of fabric, the chest piece was also bought second hand it was a used gladiator costume we covered it up with black duct tape and painted on the logo also with puff paint. Made the arm pieces out of duct tape and old food boxes also, as well as the knee armor. The belt was made out of cardboard and old Tictac boxes we glued on then spray painted gold.

It was great and people loved us everywhere we went.