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Coolest Homemade Art Student Zombie Costume

Although this is a homemade costume, this image may be disturbing or sensitive to some viewers.

This Homemade Art Student Zombie Costume is what happens when a Fine Arts student falls in an inspiration crisis.

I’m a Fine Arts student at university. I had a party with friends and since I had already bought white contact lenses for another costume, I decided to use them again and to be myself, gone Zombie.

Apart from the lenses that are quite expensive (but they are optional if you want to make this costume), it didn’t cost me much and I already had almost everything at home. It was also fairly easy to make, despite the scary result!

– Old painting smock
– Broken pencils and brushes, a paint spatula
– Clay-cutting wire
– Old clothes
– A headscarf
– Make-up
– A piece of flat Styrofoam
– Duck tape
– Fake blood + fake flesh paste: 2$
– White make-up paste: 1$

I cut a small square of the Styrofoam so it would fit on my stomach. I duck taped it on myself, stretching the tape around my waist so it would hold well and stay flat. I put the clothes on and tore the t-shirt apart. I made small holes in the t-shirt and jabbed the pencils and brushes in the Styrofoam. It held amazingly well and I could even joke around during the night, pulling my paint spatula out of my belly while pretending to attack people, and then putting it back in the hole. People were grossed out and scared!

For the three other pencils that you see on my chest and the side of my head, I used the cheapest Halloween fake flesh paste I could find at the convenience store. I warmed it with my hands, before pasting and stretching it on my skin. Then, I stuck the pencils in it, and carefully covered the edges with more paste. The one on my forehead just wouldn’t hold, so I left the hole empty. I put a bit of make-up around the wounds to blend them with my own skin.

I backcombed my hair (it’s short and very versatile!) and fixed it with a lot a hairspray. I added a headscarf just like I wear sometimes, and dirtied my hair with some of the white paste I used for my face.

As for the make-up, I started with a coat of cheap white paste that is used for children’s clown costumes. I put it on my face, chest and arms, and then covered it with light beige loose powder to tone it down. Then, I used a purple make-up pencil to draw small veins everywhere, and toned it down again with powder. I made fake bruises and strangling marks with purple, blue, yellow and brown eye shadows. Around my eyes, I started with black and brown eyes shadows, followed by very dark lipstick, followed by dark powder again, and finally, loose light powder to shade it off. I drew the inside of my eyelids with a red pencil.

I put dark red lip-gloss around every wound and on my lips, and I splattered everything with cheap fake blood (as well as the wounds on my stomach).

Finally, I put a clay-cutting wire around my neck, wore bloody cotton gloves and put my contact lenses on.

Total cost (without lenses): 3$

I scared people in the subway and random teenagers kept taking pictures with me. I obviously had a blast at the party too!

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Although this is a homemade costume, this image may be disturbing or sensitive to some viewers.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Art Student Zombie Costume”

  1. Wow I am very impressed with your Zombie. I think most people on here don’t realise, you need to have an original idea to pull off a great Zombie like this. So many just go for “man in suit” or “prom queen”. Your idea is great and so well produced. Thanks for sharing!

  2. O just love it!!! Great costume!! I like it so much that I been collecting what you said to use and going to pick up my Contacts tomorrow. I looked everywhere for a good costume and had given up till I saw yours. So I’m going to try it!!


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