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Coolest Homemade Married Zombie Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I love Halloween. We decided to create a homemade married zombie couple costume (a bride and groom zombie costume). We went to our local thrift store and I bought a used $30 wedding dress while he picked out men’s suit pieces for less then $15. When we got home, we began ripping and shredding the outfits so they looked tattered and old. With acrylic paints (dark reds, browns and light browns) I ‘went to town’ on the wedding dress with crumpled newspaper as my art brush going around my dress making it look gory.

I bought brown spray paint and used it on the train of the dress to give off a dirty look. I bought a fake pearl necklace at the same thrift store for $5 dollars and some old white arm gloves for my costume as well. To make a bride’s veil I simply cut out a square of material from the under-layers of the bride’s dress and bought and glued it to a plain hair comb.

My boyfriend used sandpaper to stress his suit and dirtied up his groom shirt by rubbing it on dirt from outside and using brown spray paint as well. Lastly for our faces we had cheap latex skull looking prosthetics that we glued to our faces with spirit gum and used acrylic paints to dab over the appliances as well as any showing skin that remained to look healthy. Lastly and finally a bouquet of dead roses my boyfriend saved for me from his job, that were going to be thrown out. And there we had it, a homemade bride and groom married zombie couple costume.

Homemade Married Zombie Couple Costume

Homemade Married Zombie Couple Costume

Homemade Married Zombie Couple Costume

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  1. i think these are the best homemade costumes i have seen on here or any where as a matter of fact . yall look like something out of the movies .great job.


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