For the groom costume, my husband had an old white shirt that he did not mind getting messed up so we used that, he also had an old tie that he as well did not mind using. For his jacket and pants we went to a Goodwill and bought those which were about $10 all together, he also had a pair of dress shoes that were old so we used those as well. If you do not have these, Goodwill always has these type of clothes so it is a really cheap and awesome costume.

For the bride, we went to a Goodwill and found a wedding dress with headpiece. I want to say it was about $40 for the dress, which is really good price considering most Halloween costumes now are a thin piece of fabric for $50. I found that this was a steal!  I had already had the pearls so I did not need to purchase these. For the brides flowers, I had my dried flowers that I used on my wedding day, so that was easy.

To get this look, go buy a cheap bouquet of flowers somewhere and let them dry out to have the “dead” look.  For the makeup I used Elmer’s glue on my face, yes on my face and took some toilet paper and put it basically all over my face. I then ripped up some of it on my face and also make some of it look wrinkly, basically you can’t go wrong here just don’t put TOO much toilet paper on it, with have some of it ripped it can look like dead skin falling off. I then used normal Halloween make up with greens, whites and grays to get a dead look. I then put some red paint and fake blood on our face to make it even scarier.

Also had black paint on around the eyes and lips as well. We also had fake blood and basically put it all over our costumes. The groom costume was also cut up a bit anywhere you want really to make it look jagged. You really cant go wrong on a costume like this, you can get make up ideas and tutorials on YouTube to help you as well.

This costume wasn’t hard at all to do, and if you cant find a brides costume ask a friend or family member if they have an old wedding dress they wouldn’t mind letting you mess up. Also you might be able to find a white dress on clearance at a local department store from homecoming. If you cant find a wedding dress, just get a cheap fancy dress and go as a prom zombie couple. We had so much fun with these costumes and it was pretty cheap to do and looked like it cost a lot more. It was a pretty easy costume to put together and lots of fun too. We had great reactions from this costume, we even scared a few kids (bad I know!).  Most importantly have fun!!