I created this Gory Bride Baked into a Wedding Cake and Blood Thirsty Groom Couple Costume for a Wedding Shower/Halloween party. My first challenge to creating the costume was the cake, finding the right boxes or material to make it out of. I looked into styrofoam, chicken wire and paper mache’ but cardboard boxes won out in the end.

I found three different sizes and measured myself to know how large all the holes needed to be for my body and started cutting.  I left a flap from the bottoms of the top two boxes to go inside each other so there was an edge to use for securing to the next box. I used white duct tape to secure inside and out and to cover all the rough edges. After all sections were taped together we covered the box with Kilz spray paint.

Once dry we decorated with fake flowers, and tulle to look like a wedding cake and then added blood and body parts. We added fake blood splatters and a glitter glaze as well for the shimmer bloody cake effect. The rest of my outfit was an old wedding dress and old veil that I made when my daughter was a flower girl and  latex make up for the burned effect on face and arms.

My husband was easier, he already owned a tuxedo and I just added a white apron with blood splatters and gave him a knife.  The front of my cake said till death and the front of the apron said do you part. The latex on the face was a combination of liquid latex and toilet paper and then makeup that was applied. I covered my eye with the toilet paper to make it look I lost one.

The most of the difficult part was maneuvering around thru doorways while the cake was on and of course you couldn’t sit. I lasted for about 2 hours then off with the cake. Well and the other challenge was getting the latex out of my hair and off my face. I will have to say the latex off the skin is like ripping off a band aid and it puts Biore’ strips to shame to get it out of the hair. I massaged it gently with shampoo then thoroughly saturated it with conditioner and gently slipped in thru my hair.

My costume was a hit and had lots of positive reactions plus many questions on how did I do that and the host of the party each year wants me to come and help her with something awesome.