This Zombie Bride and Groom Halloween couple costume probably cost me 25.00 to make. And that was for both!! I asked all my girl friends if any of them had a wedding dress that they no longer wanted- and since one had just gotten divorced, wha la! My boyfriend already had an old suit that he was willing to throw into the cause. I only had to purchase some fake blood, white and black spray paint, real flowers, white face paint, some tattered zombie fabric (I used a table cloth from the Halloween store and tore pieces off) and some white gloves (for me).

The fun part was destroying the dress!! I could not contain myself as I was doing it because I had to have my boyfriend, Daniel, wear it so that I can spray it evenly. When I tried the dress on, it was long and dragged (I am 5’3), Daniel is 6’5, so the dress fit him like high waters!!