Coolest Homemade Witch Costume Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Witch costume ideas shared with us by costume enthusiasts from around the world. Along with the costumes here, you’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration for your next costume project. Enjoy!

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Costume by James O., Guerneville, CA

Coolest Homemade Witch Costume Ideas

This is my Space witch costume. My theory is the bigger and brighter your costume is this more everyone will pay attention to you. For My Space Witch I created a head dress for the added height and a piece to sit on my shoulders for added width. These two items were created out of “Chicken Wire” Masking Tape and two cans of spray paint, black and white. I also bought two sets of battery operated small lights (Christmas lights).

First form cones out of the chicken wire. To do this cut out triangles out of the wire (I used wire cutters and put on work gloves). Form cone shapes out of the triangle chicken wire and attach the cut wire sides together. I created three or four cones then attached the cones together at the base. This created enough of a base to sit on my head. Next tear off a four or five inch piece of masking tape and with one end attached into the chicken wire and then do the same with the other end of the tape to another section of the chicken wire. Repeat till the whole cone shape is covered with the masking tape. At this point spray paint with the two colors.

I attached the battery operated Christmas lights to the head dress, hide the battery pack into one of the cones and attach with twist ties. Do the same for the shoulder piece. For the shoulder piece cut a length of the chicken wire to be wider than your shoulders making the ends to come to points. Cover the chicken wire with the masking tape and spray paint. I had cut the middle of the piece so that it would fit around my neck.

I bought a string Mop head and separated the mop taking apart the strings. I punched holes into the head dress and the shoulder piece so that the string would just hang down. The body of the costume is just a basic black shirt and pants or you could make a floor length black costume. Attach the mop sting all over the body of the costume. I also took black and gray material that I already had around the house (anything will work even cheese cloth dyed black cut into small strips and attach to the costume.

For the make-up of the witch costume I wore a bald cap and built up my eyebrows with wax I bought from a discount store in the Halloween section, covered my head with white grease paint and covered my hands as well. At the time the picture was taken I did not speak to anyone, just stared everyone down, and did not smile at all. I won first place in the contest make a nice $500 for an afternoon’s effort. This costume was so tall and wide that every one noticed me and was so wide that they had to pay attention to walk around me. I won by a landslide.

Total Spent: $25

Costume by James O., Guerneville, CA

Witch Costume

This is my witch costume for the Wicked Witch from Snow White. I bought 8 to 10 yards of rayon material, depends on your height, fold in half and sew up the sides leaving enough of an opening for your hands. I slit the top middle to make room for your head to fit through. I took a scrap of material to make a hood and tacked on the top opening.

I had an old black wig and did not style it, just messed up and sprayed. The big deal with this costume is the makeup that I bought at the local discount store, black and white and a little red for around the eye lids this makes your eyes look bloodshot, blue or green can be added to blend into the white. Darken around your eyes and under your cheek bones to make it look like your cheeks are sunken in. I blackened under the jaw line to make your face stand out. Remember any part of your face that is black reseeds and white stands out.

Witch Costume

For a greater effect for this witch costume carry a rustic basket with red apples in it. Hump over when you walk and offer an apple to folks you meet.

Total Spent: $10

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