Our family loves Halloween – this passion is led by my husband Dan, who has always enjoyed thinking up ideas and making Halloween costumes. He is a firm believer of always making his costumes himself. Anyone who knows Dan, cannot wait to see what he thinks of each year. Since we’ve had children, he of course, focuses his energy on making something really memorable for our two daughters. This year was no different!

This year he decided to create an illusion for our two daughters to be floating witches. This is an extremely difficult one to describe and in this instance, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

After about a month of planning, he recruited the help of a welder to help create the support for the illusion. Try to see if you can figure out how this one works and no, it’s not Photoshop.

We had friends over and the girls were able to pass out candy to trick or treaters – the reaction they received created some amazing memories for both our friends and most importantly, our daughters. Most people left completely stumped on how this worked. Some people think we had some sort of magic – that was fun!

Thanks so much for considering us! It was a fun Halloween this year!

Well, here they are, our two sweet floating witches!