My daughter Eve is 3 years old, and finally decided she wanted to be a witch for Halloween. I was super excited since I was planning on making her costume, and this was my first Halloween with my sewing machine! I went to the fabric store right away and found a beautiful purple fabric, and some see through black spider web printed fabric. I could not wait to get started!

For the bodice I modified an existing pattern I had. To make the corset like V shape I had to make my own pattern, which was not too hard. I had a really hard time finding the jewels for the corset. At first I was going to just sew the cord to the corset. It would not be functional though. So then I decided to sew loops on each side, so I could thread the cord. The sleeves were easy to attach. Finally the top part was done.

Then I started on the skirt part of the dress. I wanted the sheer fabric over the purple, so I sewed the two pieces together all the way around. That was a mistake though because I needed the fabrics to be able to move freely while I sewed them, otherwise it was not laying flat. So I seam ripped three sides, and then carried on. At this point I decided her dress needed to have an extra layer on the skirt for warmth. (We live in Wisconsin and Halloween is always cold and usually raining) So I grabbed some heavyweight black fabric to add to the skirt.

Then I thought why not add some fullness to the dress too, so I sewed some gathered black tulle to the black fabric. Then I attached the black lining to the purple skirt, and sewed the skirt to the bodice. Almost done! So my daughter is very picky about her clothes and how they feel against her skin, so I didnt have her try it on right away. If it didnt feel good, I feared she would never try it on again, or wear it on Halloween.

The moment of truth, she tries it on and she loves it! Now I am relieved. So I make a few adjustments, (shorten the neck elastic, and add elastic to the waist area, for a more fitted look) and then hem the bottom.

On her witch hat I found these cute spider webs with Purple spiders and sewed them on. And then made her a magic wand, so she can cast all the spells she wants. I can not wait until next Halloween!