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Sweet DIY Witch Costume made by Autistic Creator

This is my witch costume! I love witches, and have wanted to do a fun spin on it for a while. So I put together an outfit with a very fluffy white skirt (plus two petticoats! There’s almost ten layers of ruffles!) and a black vest. (Originally this was a custom corset with coat tails, but the vest is what I went with in the end.)

Many accessories are decorated with hand wire-wrapped crystals, charms, ribbons and bows. I also made all the potions on the desk! (These are very easily made with pretty corked bottles, and hair gel! You can add food coloring, glitter or whatever you like to the hair gel for the potions, and decorate the bottles too!)

I struggled a lot at times, with finances, with the sewing (the costume was scrapped entirely for a while until I found a fix for the bodice completely by chance!!) but I really wanted to finish it after working so hard for months. I’m pretty proud of it.

I have a learning disability that made learning how to make some of the pieces almost impossible, it’s still not completely what I’d imagined. But I did my best, so I’m happy. I even did all the makeup myself after a long struggle trying to find just the right products that weren’t a sensory issue, and taking over an hour to apply the makeup with fine motor issues that makes things like putting eyeliner almost impossible. (I use special fake lashes where you apply a magnetic eyeliner, and the lash strips stick to it! I can use any others with my motor skills.)

I also created two other costumes this year, although they were much simpler. One being a haunted doll costume, that I wore while volunteering at the local mental health center. I was very proud to have been asked to design and act in their haunted house this year. We hope to help the community, and remind everyone the importance of mental health!

I hope my costume makes you smile, because we could all use one right now. I hope you enjoyed your Halloween, stay safe. :)

Sweet Witch Costume, Made By Autistic Creator

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