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Coolest Haunted House Homemade Costume

Check out the Coolest Homemade Haunted House on YouTube:

Our 8 year old helped make the ULTIMATE Homemade Haunted House Costume to complete our family’s Haunted theme this Halloween. Completely homemade, this walking house of fright, has strobe; black and other battery operated lights illuminating its’ wicked paper mache tree, various clay-made creatures, and “stained” glass windows.

Glowing skeletons hang in windows with spiders dangling. We used dry ice in a sippy cup to produce a mist affect near its’ front porch while out trick or treating. Using a carved out Styrofoam ball with led lights and textured spray paint, his head was transformed into a glowing moon. Made with foam, display board, doll house shingles, lots of hot glue and creative thinking; this haunted house is like no other.

He had so much fun wearing his costume. People asked if he used a doll house as a base for the costume and we told them that it is made completely from scratch with lightweight materials that make trick or treating much easier. He also had a retractable treat bag made out of a drawer extender. Finding a place to put your hands could be helpful for younger children, but for our son it’s comfortable weight, made it easy to take off when needed.

Here is a tip if you choose to add dry ice to your costume. Pack a wagon with a cooler, tongs, gloves and lots of water. You will need lots of water to keep the mist going, otherwise it ices over.

Materials and pictures of how it was put together can be seen on our YouTube video, so be sure to check it out. Hopefully you’ll agree that our Haunted House Rocks!

Homemade Haunted House Costume

Homemade Haunted House Costume

Homemade Haunted House Costume

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  1. This is my absolute favorite! I would love to see this in person! Creative, detailed, original…unbelievable. I wonder if Mom and Dad ever slept during the creation process…


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