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Coolest Captured By A Monster Costume 12

by Ruth Torres
(New Haven, CT )

Captured by a monster costume

Captured by a monster costume

This idea came from the abducted by an alien costume. I had bought some masks, and skeleton gloves on clearance and didn't know what I was going to do with them. When I saw the idea for the abducted by an alien costume, I tried to come up with something similar and this is what I came up with.

First I used an old book bag so he could carry this costume around. I stuffed the mask with news paper and tape until it had the shape of a head then I used one piece of PVC piping to support the body of the monster. I used a hot glue gun to melt in two holes on the sides of the PVC pipe. Once I had made the 2 holes then I put metal wiring through the pipe to make the shape of the shoulders and hands.

To give the wire the thickness needed to look like real shoulders I covered the wiring with foam pool noodles I had bought on clearance. Once I had the shape of the body I attached the head to the PVC pipe with hot glue. I then took the book bag, made a hole on the top of the book bag and put the PVC pipe inside. To avoid the PVC pipe from leaning to the sides I held the PVC pipe right in the middle of the book bag and marked and made holes on the book bag and then I secured it with plastic straps.

Once my son had the book bag on, I covered him and the monster with dark fabric.

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Coolest Monster and a Man's Head Costume 14

by Anthony C.
(Markham, Ontario, Canada)

Homemade Monster and a Man's Head Costume 14

Homemade Monster and a Man's Head Costume 14

I am a grade 12 student and my school always gets dressed and we have costume contests. I was thinking of what to be for Halloween as I wanted to do something that I had not seen at my school in all the years that I have been there.

I made my costume out of cardboard, duck tape and a glue gun. I found an old mask I had from when I was younger and used a trench coat that I found in the closet.

I began making my costume on Wednesday night which was two days before Halloween and I finished the night before. It took me almost 4-5 hours to find everything and put it all together. I had to build a spine and back for the fake monster that sat on my back and I mounted the cardboard body on my shoulders like a backpack. I then put the trench coat on the fake body and filled the arms and attached a cardboard table that I made around my neck. My Head was showing with some fake blood on a plate and my legs acted as the legs to the monster with the fake body.

A lot of people thought my costume was awesome and creative!

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Coolest Monster Carrying Baby Costume 14

by Gregory
(Montebello, CA )

Monster Carrying Baby Costume

Monster Carrying Baby Costume

I spent time contemplating on what I was going to be this year, then it hit me! I was originally going to be just a simple headless teen, then I had a great idea for a monster carrying baby costume. I decided to attach a monster mask to the top. Then I got a baby outfit and voila!

Hope you like it, thanks!

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Completely Hilarious
by: Nikki

I was taken by a fit of laughter, so I had to comment. I've seen many headless, alien, and other "carrying costumes", but yours is the most original, Love the pacifier! Hilarious Idea! Great Job!

Awesome Costume!!!
by: Anonymous

Hey this is really a orginal. I like it! Appears to be a Skeleton carrying a baby. However when you appears to be a real persons head. Cool! This costume should win for sheer originality alone. five stars! Good job whoever created it.

by: Johnny

This costume is one of the most creative ones I've seen... seriously its just sooo cool, wish I could've thought of it! There are a lot of costumes that have "something carrying something", but this is by farrr the best!

too funny!
by: Tiff

ha ha! awesome! :)

So Funny!
by: Gil

This costume is just so funny to look at!
Best one here!

what the!
by: rebecca

omg this costume is so cute and original!

by: Anonymous

This is way cool...How was it made? I don't understand how you can get your arms through the sleeves of the "skeleton" or are they fake? How do you get the "skeleton" to be higher than you? I'm thinking oh maybe using the top to a storage container? Thanks for any suggestions...AWESOME!!!

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