Optical Illusion Costume

My daughter wanted to be anything that would include a person holding her! So I began to think. We had a scream costume from years past. Firstly, for her, she wore a top to a pajama outfit. the legs I made them from PVC pipe, stuffing pantyhose and slipped her pajama bottoms over it. To attach it to her we used a belt and duct taped it to the fake legs and fastened around backwards on her.

For the monster we took a tote lid and two straps to put over her shoulders. Cut a slit in the scream robe in the front about where the belly would be and slipped it over the tote lid once she had it on. She then slipped her legs in the slit in front. The legs were attached.

For the head of scream we took a milk carton and duct taped it to the top of the tote lid and then put on the mask as you would a real persons head. Looks difficult but actually wasn’t as bad as you think. Didn’t cost much since most items were found at home. The new pajamas and the stuffing and PVC pipe for the legs were the only cost in this project. She won first prize in the Halloween costume carnival at school. This makes the second year she has won!

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  1. Thanks for listing how you put it together. I’m going to attempt it this year with a bargain alien costume I wore a few years ago. Looks like fun.


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