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Coolest Monster Carrying Baby Costume

I spent time contemplating on what I was going to be this year, then it hit me! I was originally going to be just a simple headless teen, then I had a great idea for a monster carrying baby costume. I decided to attach a monster mask to the top. Then I got a baby outfit and voila!

Hope you like it, thanks!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

7 thoughts on “Coolest Monster Carrying Baby Costume”

  1. I was taken by a fit of laughter, so I had to comment. I’ve seen many headless, alien, and other “carrying costumes”, but yours is the most original, Love the pacifier! Hilarious Idea! Great Job!

  2. Hey this is really a orginal. I like it! Appears to be a Skeleton carrying a baby. However when you look…it appears to be a real persons head. Cool! This costume should win for sheer originality alone. five stars! Good job whoever created it.

  3. This costume is one of the most creative ones I’ve seen… seriously its just sooo cool, wish I could’ve thought of it! There are a lot of costumes that have “something carrying something”, but this is by farrr the best!

  4. This is way cool…How was it made? I don’t understand how you can get your arms through the sleeves of the “skeleton” or are they fake? How do you get the “skeleton” to be higher than you? I’m thinking oh maybe using the top to a storage container? Thanks for any suggestions…AWESOME!!!


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