I wanted to be an iconic woman in history and create a glamorous, sexy costume. I researched Marie Antoinette and found that she had been beheaded and that triggered all the ideas for my costume. It took me a week to create it. I used duct tape, spray foam insulation, 3 sticks, a can, a backpack, a wig, a dress, rubber hands, gel blood and acrylic paint. Wrapped myself in the tape and then cut it up the back, I used 2 bowls for the breasts. I then went in the backyard and found a stick for the neck bone, put it in the can and then stuck it down the neck hole. I then sprayed the foam insulation until it overflowed out the top of the can. I stuffed the torso with paper and then shot more foam up into it for support. I inserted 2 sticks into the torso and let it set. I put the sticks into the backpack and duct taped the whole thing together leaving the straps out. She sat on my kitchen counter while I painted her. I jumped a couple of times when I came around the corner and saw that body upright. I wanted her to look 1/2 dead and 1/2 alive with the body and hand paint colors. I used the gel blood for the neck (that stuff is awesome because it stays shiney and doesn’t smear) I also bedazzled the dress for 18th century glam effect and splashed more blood pretty much all over with a small paint brush.I used a round table cloth to extend the hemline. I purchased the wig and used cream face paint to try and match the body. People really freaked out because they couldn’t understand the illusion of my costume and didn’t realize that I was carrying my own head. I had to drive (not far) with it sticking out of the sun roof because of the height of the torso. Hilarious site for the driver next to me.  I won a prize at a local contest in the neighborhood. So I really turned out to be one of France’s most scandalous women! ” Let them EAT CAKE”  Marie Antoinette