I have always loved Marie Antoinette and decided to finally make a Marie Antoinette costume.  I didn’t want to purchase any extra fabric so I looked through my stash and found leftover pieces from a Versailles inspired bedspread, pillows and curtains I made for my daughter.  I had just enough leftover pieces to make the whole outfit out of home decor fabric and trim.

The corset top took a few days to make.  I had to hand pleat the trim that I placed on the front of the corset.  I also ruffled a piece of leftover curtain fabric to attach to the bottom of the corset.  The lace at the top the neckline was a piece of $300 lace that a friend had me use to make a wedding bolero for her.  I also used the lace on the sleeve ruffles.  I did most of the pinning and hand pleating in the car while I waited for my daughter to finish her soccer practice.

I originally had one color on the front of the corset, but decided to change it because it blended too much.  I made a short skirt for the costume, but decided to make a long skirt since I was going to wear it to a Catholic school celebration.  So, I had one day to make this new skirt.

I needed a pair of French matching mules, so I took a pair of old faux Louie Vuitton mules and covered them in leftover fabric scraps and trim.

It was a bit difficult to make the corset because I decided to change the front part twice.  Many people did compliment my outfit and couldn’t believe that I had actually made it out of leftover home decor fabric and leftover pieces of trim and lace.