Well I have to say this was the most interesting costume I have made yet. It took me about two months from start to finish.

I went to the good will and bought a  wedding dress originally for my daughter five years previous and then bought a mannequin and made the bust out of paper mache, then let it dry, took a week to make sure it was totally dry. I cut the back to remove it from the mannequin and put more paper mache to close up the seam and let it dry for a few more days. I then got two hollow rods and positioned them inside the bust and got liquid foam insulation and put it all inside the bust to hold the form and the rods, and then put a hose thru to the neck. Let it dry and connected a pump with fake blood so it squirted out of the neck.

I got a backpack filled it with poly fill and put two holes in it to hold the rods so I could carry it on top of my head. I then got different color faux paints and mixed to get a skin tone and painted the bust and made the top of the neck look like veins an vessels so when the blood came out, it looked real. I then took two pillow cases and filled with poylfill so it made the dress look like the old fashioned dresses in that era. I had to add more material to the bottom of the dress so it was long enough to cover my legs and then I had a stool I carried with me underneath the dress to sit on so I would be the same height as every one else.

I had the most unbelievable response ever! Everyone and their brother wanted a picture with me. I had  at least 200 pictures taken. I should have charged 5.00 a picture, LOL! Yes I won first place at my local bar Backstreets in Wellington Florida. Only 75.00 gift card but I had the best time anyone could ask for. It was so worth it! Sheryl Wolfson.