Last year I was the bride of Frankenstein and found an awesome wedding dress at a thrift store… so in order to be thrify and reuse that awesome find I decided to be Marie Antoinette.  A Headless Marie Antoinette!  So I looked online for various versions of the costume.  The simpliest and best looking step was to use a torso of a mannequin as the headless marie antoinette.  Form there I found a childs bagpack and duck tapped the torso to the backpack using ducktape, childs backpack, and a bamboo stick to make the torso side a little higher on my back.

Once the backpack was inititally tapped in I cut a small slit in the dress above the waistline and tried on the dress and backpack to make sure the height was correct.  The next step was creating arms… I used an old long sleeved t shirt and stufffed it with crafters cotton and at the elbows put in some wire so that everything could bend and look a little more realistic.  The hands were made the same way using fabric tape to glue the gloves to the shirt after I had stuffed the gloves and put in some “wire fingers” to shape the hand shape.

Now was time to add the gore to the neck… this consisted of taking strips of paper towel soaking them in watered down tack glue and arranging on top of th neck of the mannequin torso.  After dry I added fake blood and allowed it to dry.

The day of my halloween party I did a pale face, blood dripping (gel) from my eyes and white hair spray and had lots of help getting into my dress!  and I won 1st place for most creative at our party!