Coolest Monster Abduction Costume

This is my daughter dressed as a monster carrying a baby. I used a box as the costume frame. I cut holes in the box for her arms and head. On the back of the box I duck taped a graphite shaft from a golf club (after sawing off the club head). I used cardboard to form the shoulders of the monster and used a stuffed pineapple I found in a thrift shop for the head.

The monster’s mask was store bought. I used black fabric to make the monster’s gown. For the baby I found a baby outfit at a thrift shop. I stuffed it with fiberfill from a craft shop. I attached hands from a baby doll to outfit with rubber bands. I sewed up the neck of outfit to keep the stuffing inside. I put the box with gown on my daughter so I could mark where her head was. I then cut a hole in the gown large enough for her to fit her head through.

I sewed the baby body to the fabric under where her chin would come out of the gown. We found that the baby body was too heavy for the fabric alone to support it, so I bolted the body to the box frame. The monster’s upper arms are stuffed with newspaper for definition and there are holes in the sleeves about halfway down the arms, so my daughter can put her arms inside. Her arms become the monster’s forearms and hands.

To finish off the Homemade Monster Abduction Costume I added a pair of cheap sunglasses that my daughter already had to the monster’s mask and used a remnant piece of baby themed fabric to create a bonnet.

Homemade Monster Abduction Costume

Homemade Monster Abduction Costume

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