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Most Disturbing Homemade Baby Abduction Costume

With this costume, I scared small children. This was the best costume I made so far. In fact, almost every other house I went to, they wanted to get a picture with me. I also got extra candy, which was fine by me! I got this idea when I looked up “Funny Halloween Costume” on Google Images. The pic that popped up was an alien thingy holding a baby with a man’s face. I laughed so hard, I almost went to the doctor’s (not really). We decided to do a little re-using of sorts. We got last years costume, a headless man holding his own head, put a skeleton head (which used to be a decoration) on top of the headless part, pinned a headless baby doll below where my head was, put me in a bonnet, made me suck a pacifier, and voila! The costume was born. When I went to school a little while after it’s completion, I expected to get some laughs, but insted some students and teachers ran away from me. Some laughs were from my friends, but mostly everyone was deeply disturbed by my costume. On Halloween night, I was a star. I was in so many pictures, shared to so many friends, I think i\’m an Internet celebrity now. The hardest part was Trick-or-Treating. I was held up by so many people, my friends and I took quite a while to finish 1 block of houses. Some people say that every year, you should try to top last year’s costume. I think next year it’s going to be really scary.

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