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Coolest Skeleton Kidnapper Halloween Costume

My son and I looked at your website for costume ideas. He liked the Headless costumes and that’s what we were initially going to make. Once we started to make the skeleton kidnapper Halloween costume, we realized he would not have use of his hands so we decided to go for a Skeleton kidnapping him.

We had a Skeleton from the previous Halloween, it was only the upper body with rags flowing down to make it look like it was bigger than it actually was. We used the frame of an old indoor clothes rack to wrap around the skeleton and placed the other end of the frame inside a backpack. An old dress was cut up and used as a cloak between my son and the skeleton’s rags to hide my son’s lower body. A hole was cut between the cloak and the rags to make room for my son’s upper body. His legs are under the cloak. A pair of pajamas were sewn together and the legs and socks were stuffed with grocery bags. The rags were used to tie his fake legs up into a bent (captured) position.

The kids at school were amazed. He had lots of comments on how cool his costume was and I had lots of questions from parents about how it was done.

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