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Struggling to find an idea for a head-turning original homemade costume?

With a gazillion homemade costumes floating around the Web, we'll help you find that one special, unique, original DIY costume idea that’s perfect for you!

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P.S. If you’ve made it all the way down to here and you're still struggling to find an original homemade costume idea, you may find that spark in "The Secret to Finding the Best Halloween Costume".



  • Elad the Pringles Man

The Real Face Behind This Site

I’m Elad (AKA the Pringles Man :-).

I love simple, out-of-the-box costume-making! I built this site to help others find their inspiration for DIY costume-making and share it with fellow costume-enthusiasts. Since I began in 2005, over 30,000 people (!!) have shared their costumes on this site, their how-to tips, their inspiration and their behind-the-costumes inspiration. This site has become one of the biggest resources on the Web for homemade costume-making enthusiasts!

I've personally reviewed and added each and every one of the thousands of costumes on this site, so if you're tired of browsing for an idea, take a look at this article I wrote about..

"The Secret to Brainstorming the Best Halloween Costume".

Although this site may not be a match in volume for the big search engines, it sure can be the “match” that’ll help you find a spark for your next costume idea!

And, basically, that’s what you need - a spark. An idea.

Often, it seems like the more you Google costume ideas, or Pinterest, or Facebook, or Instagram, the more it gets confusing. And, with so many impressive costumes that other people have made, should you even try to attempt making your own costume?

Of course you should give it a shot! And you're going to make the coolest homemade costume ever!!

Do You Already Have a Homemade Costume Idea?

If you’ve already nailed THE idea for your next homemade costume, the hard part is behind you. You can browse the big engines. But, if you’re already here, search this site where you’ll find not only pictures, but tutorials, how-to tips, and personal stories hiding behind the costumes.

Happy DIY costume making!