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1000+ Coolest Homemade Couple Halloween Costumes

Much like peanut butter and jelly, when you find your perfect match, magic happens. Whether you have a best friend, sibling or spouse, now is the time to put their loyalty to the test in the form of one of these awesome couple Halloween costumes.

Design the Robin to your Batman, the Publisher Clearing House check to your surprised housewife or the Woody to your Buzzlightyear. Seriously what could be more romantic than the Avian strain to your Swine Flu?! For the less communicable diseases, you may try Wilma and Fred Flintstone or Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra, toddler style.

Basically this is your chance to enhance your costume by pairing up with someone. And your opportunity to create the ultimate accessory out of your unsuspecting partner!

So dress up your Ken and cracking on your Barbie box because Halloween costume prizes aren’t going to win themselves!

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homemade couple costume ideas

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Top 13 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Top 13 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

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Top 10 Contest-Winning Halloween Couples Costumes

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