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1600+ Creative Homemade Character Costumes

When creating a costume, you must love what you are making! As you begin designing, you find yourself hot glued to your table. Before you start wondering what kind of project you have undertaken, don’t despair! Look through the amazing character costumes in this section and learn from all the experienced costumers here. Also, with DIY costumes, you are not limited to costumes of certain sizes. You may be looking for a Captain Hook baby or a superheroes grandparent. You will find instructions on how to make these and more right here.

Since you may be stuck for inspiration, we invite you to scroll through this selection. Harry Potter characters live on past their pages. Peter Pan personalities abound. And the cast of Alice in Wonderland are always extremely plentiful when it comes to character DIY costumes. Another idea is choosing a creepy character from a horror flick like Carrie or the Exorcist. Warning: costumes here have literally scared Uber drivers!

In addition, television is chock full of interesting characters. You don’t need to show your toddler The Walking Dead to choose the hilarious Negan costume pictured here.

In conclusion, characters here range from Little Red Riding Hood to a Despicable Me family. Whatever you chose, make yourself instantly recognizable with the help of the instructions here. Get crafting and have fun!

2000+ Awesome DIY Animated Character Costumes

Coolest DIY Despicable Me Costumes

The amazing costume designers in this section have taken on the challenge of creating animated character costumes and bringing them to life. There is plenty of room for interpretation as a character travels from the cartoon into the real world. It’s very cool to see the process. Sometimes capturing the feel of a character is more important than the actual intricate details. Read more »

1000+ Inspiring Homemade Book and Movie Character Costumes

Cool Mary Poppins and Bert Couple Costumes

Losing yourself in a movie or a book is the best. It’s a total immersion experience where the rest of your life dissolves in a puddle of to-do lists and dentist appointments. For a true disguise this Halloween, check out this spectacular collection of DIY movie and book character costumes. Read more »

500+ Coolest DIY Web Series and Television Character Costumes

Homemade Rod Serling Twilight Zone Halloween Costume

Television and web series get a bad reputation when they are overdone. But taken in the right dosage, they can be the perfect escape from reality. Even better, watch along your family and get some quality bonding thrown in. Read more »

350+ Coolest DIY Apps and Video Game Character Costumes

Coolest Mrs. Pac-Man Costume

What makes video games so compelling? Is it experiencing a different reality? It could be the interactive storytelling. Or maybe just losing track of time as you become someone else. Either way, if you love to play, this collection of video games and apps character costumes are exactly what you need this Halloween. Read more »

300+ Coolest Homemade Commercial Character Costumes

Kia Soul Hamsters Group Halloween Costume

The advertising industry has gotten their hooks into us with memorable commercials and jingles that get stuck in our head. Commercials take on a life of their own and have become a real part of our pop culture. To that end, we bring you this awesome collection of homemade commercial characters. Read more »

Coolest DIY Folklore, Biblical and Fairytale Character Costume Ideas

Cutest Homemade Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Enter the world of make believe in this epic collection of folklore, biblical and fairytale character costumes. These DIY costume ideas are other worldly, romantic and extremely popular. Read more »