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350+ Coolest DIY Apps and Video Game Character Costumes

What makes video games so compelling? Is it experiencing a different reality? It could be the interactive storytelling. Or maybe just losing track of time as you become someone else. Either way, if you love to play, this collection of video games and apps character costumes are exactly what you need this Halloween.

Passionate gamers will appreciate all the minute details in these fantastic DIY costumes. Check out Mario, Luigi, Princess and the rest of the gang. Discover how the Mortal Kombat homemade costumes were made. And learn how to create your own fabulous Minecraft characters.

In addition, there are some real throwbacks that are high in nostalgia. For instance, homemade costumes from Pacman to Donkey Kong will make you feel warm inside.

So find your costume inspiration here by browsing through this section of video games and apps character costumes. And create for your best DIY costume this Halloween!

Latest Apps and Video Game Character Costumes

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Featured Apps and Video Game Character Costumes

Coolest Mrs. Pac-Man Costume

Coolest Mrs. Pac-Man Costume

I made this Mrs. Pac-Man costume the year I wanted a family friendly, yet fun costume to wear to both a kids’ Halloween party and my friend’s adult party. I thought about what my favorite things from my childhood were and looked online for inspiration. I found many Pac-Man costumes, but thought it would be fun to incorporate the game. Read more »

Link and Zelda Couples Costume

Link and Zelda Couples Costume

Link and Zelda have been an icon of my childhood. It wasn’t until recently I decided that I would finally make my own Link and Zelda couples costume. My brother accompanied me as Link, and, in January 2015, we stepped out onto the convention floor as Link and Zelda, granted, we could’ve done better, but it was a good attempt at a last minute costume. Zelda follows basic sewing techniques as well as simple drape drafting. Her armour follows basic craft foam molding, so it is easy to complete. Her gloves will be easy for anyone to complete as all it is are rectangles with lining. Read more »