This cutest Chicken costume was originally made for my oldest daughter, 7 years ago. And it is just as cute on her baby sister, as the day she wore it! There is nothing like an 18 month old waddling around like a little chicken. This costume was pretty easy to make, and was my first homemade anything… requiring beginning sewing skills. Here is how it was done:

First take 2 long sleeve white onesies. Make sure they are not snug fitting (there will be stuffing in between the layers) or too baggy (because the snap part will hang down below, and not look so good). Next, you will need to stuff in between the two onesies. Use fluffy batting, and stuff around torso to make your little chicken chunky. You will need to add a few stitches at the neck, and the bottom snap area to keep the stuffing in  (before sewing though, try it in your little one and make sure it fits ok—I learned the hard way, and had to remove stitches to remove some batting.) Ok, you will sew on the feathers… using 1-2 long white feather boas… you will wrap them around the torso, starting at the neck area and winding down (make sure that there are feathers at the shoulder area, or your chicken will look naked). You will hand stitch the boa in place every so many inches. The more stitches the better, because your chicken will be moving and losing feathers with each wear (especially with the getting of the costume on and off).

Now for the hat. I used a Hanna Andersson white pilot cap. And using red felt, trace the shape, for the red comb on the chicken’s head, onto your felt. Cut it out, and stitch it together leaving a small hole , turn it inside out, stuff it with batting, and stitch up the hole. Next, sew the comb to the top of the white cap.

The yellow chicken feet are yellow kitchen gloves–cut, stuffed, zip tied shut, and attached to a pair of sandals.

Lastly, get a pair of yellow tights and you are set!

This was my most favorite costume ever on my girls, and I will never forget how adorable they looked waddling around in this, clutching their first lollipops and chocolate bars. I hope your little one makes you smile as much as mine did!

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