Coolest Chun Li Costume

Coolest Chun Li Costume

I figured I would dress up as her once, just for kicks because I have the face and the legs. 1) Wig 2) Hair buns (scouring pads with the hair wrapped around them — this was the worst — took an hour to do correctly to get them to stay up). Bun covers made of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Crimson Viper from Street Fighter 4 Costume

Homemade Crimson Viper from Street Fiighter 4 Costume

This is a character from Street Fighter 4, Crimson Viper, or C. Viper for short. She’s a double agent with electric gloves and pyrotechnic boots that will zap her enemies or burn them to a crisp. Good times. The homemade Crimson Viper costume itself wasn’t too hard, since I just had to butcher a thrift … Read more

Coolest Street Fighter’s Chun Li Costume

Homemde Street Fighter's Chun Li Costume

I grew up playing Street Fighter and I really liked the character Chun Li. I thought she resembled me in some ways; I’m Chinese, petite, was pretty involved in martial arts, and like to kick ass =P Luckily, a lot of the accessories were things I already had lying around. I had a blue Chinese … Read more

Coolest Homemade Vega from Street Fighter Costume

Homemade Vega from Street Fighter Costume

I spent a good amount of time last year on my costume to reconstruct one of the Greek Hoplite soldiers from Troy, though the costume looking nothing like someone from 300, almost everyone thought it was. The costume came out awesome, but was somewhat of a failure I guess. Anyhow, I wanted to do something … Read more

Coolest Homemade Akuma Street Fighter Costume

Homemade Akuma Street Fighter Costume

I wanted a Akuma Street Fighter Costume but saw around the net and what they had was very sad looking so like last year I made my own costume. I went trough all the pictures I could find online and got a good idea of what i wanted and got to work. From the hair, … Read more