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Coolest Street Fighter’s Chun Li Costume

I grew up playing Street Fighter and I really liked the character Chun Li. I thought she resembled me in some ways; I’m Chinese, petite, was pretty involved in martial arts, and like to kick ass =P

Luckily, a lot of the accessories were things I already had lying around. I had a blue Chinese dress (cheong som), panty hose, white fabric, and a wide, white belt. I bought the spike bracelets and white boots on sale on South Street in Philadelphia where they have a lot of eclectic punk shops. They actually had bracelets with bigger spikes like the character, but I was afraid I might hurt myself with them.

I cut the white fabric into 2 squares without any measurements and two longer strips. I tied my hair in 2 buns and wrapped the squares around them, fastening them by tying the 2 longer strips around them.

I wore the belt backwards over the dress to hide the buckle and cut off the excess length.

I wore it a couple of times during Halloween weekend. I got a lot of compliments on the costume and some people said it looked like the real thing! (It was also fun posing for “K.O.” pics.)

dress – free
belt – free
panty hose – free
fabric – free
bracelets – $5.00 each
boots – $25.00

Total cost: $35.00

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