Costume by Gus B., South Gate, CA

Our creative Halloween costume idea took us 10 hours to build. It’s made out of mail boxes and a whole lot of duct tape. We actually had two ghosts but the red ghost wouldn’t fit in the flat bed of our truck. These costumes are about 5 ft tall.

Very heavy, very hand made.

Total Spent: $85

Costume by Richard T., Harrington, DE

Pacman Creative Halloween Costume Idea

I made this Pack Man and Ms. Pack Man costume from every day items I had so it really didn’t cost me any thing.

I used cardboard boxes left over from items I purchased, on-hand masking tape to join cardboard, a razor knife to cut, and left over latex wall paint.

The pattern is just a cylinder with holes cut for legs arms and a slot to see.

Total Spent: $1

Pacman Creative Halloween Costume Idea