This was an idea my husband and I have had for a few years now. Making our costumes has become a tradition for us every year and our friends and family are always excited to see what we’ve come up with. Usually we only create costumes for our 2 boys. We had our other 2 sons back to back (13 months apart), so this year we knew we had to do a whole family costume!

We brainstormed some different ideas but once again we thought about doing Pacman. I mean, we had a few extra people now so we could have a good sized group! The Pacman Game has the 4 ghosts n we have 4 kids! Perfect right? Yeah not so much. We have 4 boys and one of the famous ghosts are pink. Sooooooo we were stumped on what the youngest (5 months) should be. I seen a lot of stroller costumes online and the idea of making it into the arcade game popped in my head. I thought it turned out to be the best part of our group. During trick or treating we got so many stares, pictures, cars stopping, it was great!

These costumes were 100% homemade. We used a ton of cardboard, felt, and what felt like 1million glue sticks. The art on the arcade was made by yours truly using felt and some puffy paint. Probably the most fun to make because I love doing details and being able to use some artistic skills. Halloween 2014 by the Figueroa Family