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Easy Ms. Pacman and Ghost Couple Costume

I wanted something creative and easy for a Halloween costume. But also something NO ONE ELSE would have. I loved Pacman as a kid and thought to myself, “How awesome would it be to have a bunch of ghosts follow Pacman/ ms. Pacman around?” So then it began, our easy Ms. Pacman and Ghost Couple Costume. I looked online for all sorts of ideas as well as at costume stores to make sure mine would look original and unlike any other. I think I did the job, it turned out great and we got so many compliments. The icing to the cake? NO ONE ELSE was in a Pacman or ghost costume. YAY!!


  • 2 foam boards (science fair boards…. cardboard, whatever!)
  • Exacto knife
  • Scissors
  • Black & pink felt
  • White foam
  • Hot glue & hot glue gun
  • Tape
  • Yellow wrapping paper
  • Any color you want t shirt for ghost

I started by cutting circles from the foam board as the base for Ms. Pacman. I wanted it to be a good size- but also a comfortable size- party’s get packed on Halloween and I didn’t want it beat up from squeezing by other people. I then wrapped both sides of each circle in yellow wrapping paper and taped it with clear tape. I cut one inch strips of felt and had someone hold the front circle where I wanted it to sit while measuring the length of the shoulder straps.

Once the measurements were complete, I hot glued the straps down. With leftover foam board I decided a 3D looking bow would be too cute to pass up, so I cut another, smaller circle and 2 oval-ish pieces, set them up and hot glued them together. I then cut out pieces of pink felt to wrap around the bow. I cut out a circle for the eye and a triangle-ish mouth piece using black felt. BEFORE gluing anything down, I arranged everything to make sure it would look alright. I glued the eye, mouth and bow in place. At this point, I am amped- so far it has turned out almost BETTER than I had pictured.

Something is missing… I decide to “girlie” it up a bit and cut out little strips for eyelashes and lip pieces for lips. Again- before gluing them in place, I laid them down to see if I liked it. Make sure to CAREFULLY put Ms. Pacman on as the first time I did, I ripped the shoulder strap off on one side and some of the wrapping came off- a quick patch though. Once the costume was on, it was fitting a little weird. The front piece was protruding out after hitting my chest. I decided to fashion a couple more one inch strips of black felt that I attached halfway down the circles, one on each outer edge. This made it more in place. Getting into the costume is slightly tricky, just remember to take it easy or she’ll rip. I wore just a black tank, black leggings, a pink tutu and my glitter toms. SUPER comfy and cute.

For the ghosts, easy easy! Trim the bottom hem of shirt to a squiggle pattern all the way around. Cut ovals using white foam, circles from and a squiggle mouth from the black felt. Arrange before gluing- and BAM. Done. This outfit cost in total $30- and $15 of that was the tutu (which I hear are easy to make…). I had three ghosts following me around all night and everyone loved it. The one thing I would do differently is the straps. They made my costume sit in place exactly how I wanted but towards the end of the night after being bumped into on repeat, the straps started shredding the wrapping paper off. I randomly met someone in the bathroom using yellow duct tape to patch up her TMNT costume, and she let me fix mine as well. I suggest fashioning your straps a little differently, or having yellow duct tape to back you up!

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