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Coolest Homemade Ms. Pacman Sexy Halloween Costume Idea

I decided that I wanted to be the very famous Ms. Pacman for Halloween! I put lots of hard work, thought, and time into this homemade Ms. Pacman sexy Halloween costume idea. I knew from the get go how I wanted the design I just needed to find the base dress to work from. I actually ended up buying 3 dresses; the 3rd time was the charm. It was perfect for what I wanted to do.

I had made numerous templates to cut out the characters for. I was certain that I wanted the pixelated look even though it took a lot of time to cut out each one the characters perfectly. SO worth it though! The design didn’t change from the beginning. I wanted Ms. Pacman placed where she was, getting ready to chomp down on one of the ghosts, another ghost along the bottom of the dress, the dots placed in the Pacman fashion, and the cherry on the booty.

The dress cost me a total of MAYBE $4, I already had the material, I was given the white buttons for the dots, the wig cost me $5, I made the bow as well which I already had the supplies, and the shoes cost me another $5… so this whole costume look cost me around $14!

Oh and the wig I found last minute and knew I HAD to buy it. It just really set off the whole thing. I loved making it, I loved showing it off, and loved the complements I got… though a few lost souls thought I was Lady Gaga at 1st but I had to remind them to look at the dress and that Lady Gaga got some of her fashion tips from Ms. Pacman. By far one of my FAVORITE costumes ever! PICK MINE!!!!… Please.

Homemade Ms. Pacman Sexy Halloween Costume Idea

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