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Original Homemade Halloween Costume: Ms. Pacman Comes Alive!

This Ms. Pacman Comes Alive costume was SUCH a fun costume! I’ve never made a homemade costume before, so thought I’d tackle something new. It was a HUGE hit! Had so many compliments on it.

The Basic Steps:

Find some large pieces of cardboard. To make the circles, we tied a nail onto a string, and then tied a pen onto the other end of the string  (my mom is a genius). Voila, two perfect circles. We measured how big the mouth should be, and cut it out. We then did the same for the other circle. For the backing, I had another large cardboard box. We measured how wide I wanted it to be, trimmed the box a bit, and the backing was complete!

To stabilize the circles, I used two hula hoops. We cut them apart, and secured them to the circles with zip ties and duct tape (next time I would also put some small pieces of wood on them for more support, it got a little rickety after the third time I wore it).

To put it all together, we used a hot glue gun and duct tape. You could use whatever you wanted, but hot glue really did the trick. We taped it together first, and then mom held it together while I ran the hot glue gun all around the inside (good thing I’m short, or this could have been a little tricky!). We cut another piece of cardboard for the mouth and glued that in place as well. That’s pretty much all there was to putting it together.

For the armholes, I put the costume on, and mom measured where about the hole should be. We basically guessed and it worked perfectly! Next, came the material. I chose to use material instead of spray paint. Spray paint just seemed messier to me. We covered the two sides first. To make it stick on we used white glue. I highly suggest using hot glue instead, or even stick glue, because after the white glue dried, you could see the exact pattern of where the glue was.

Once the sides were covered, we tackled the back piece. It wasn’t hard, just draped the material over and trimmed to where we thought it should be, glued it on, and then trimmed off any excess.

The costume seemed to be resting on my head, so I got creative and borrowed a pair of suspenders from my dad! I hooked them onto zip ties, and attached them to the hula hoops on the inside. This worked very well. For the black on the mouth piece I used black material. I also covered the inside with black material so that the cardboard wouldn’t show through.

The lips are made out of red material. The eyes and moles are made out of black foam, and the bows are made out of red foam (they come in sheets just like paper, but are thick and durable.)

The  “food” (the white balls) I found at the dollar store. I stuck them on a coat hanger and hot glued the hanger in place from the inside. I also made the little ghosties that chase Ms. Pacman around. I drew them freehand, and glued them to cardboard. I then stuck them on a coat hanger and carried them around with me. I wanted to attach them to the back, but thought they would just get in the way.

I found some yellow tights, a yellow bunnyhug, and some red shoes, and that’s about all there was to it!

A few people mistook me for a baby in a baby carriage! After I told them what I was they understood. For the most part everyone knew exactly what I was, and they loved it. It is hard to get around in, as you can’t see out the sides, but that was part of the fun! I had lots of laughs and so did everyone else. If you’re looking for a fun, fairly simple costume, then I suggest trying this one out!

Original Homemade Halloween Costume: Ms. Pacman Comes Alive!

Original Homemade Halloween Costume: Ms. Pacman Comes Alive!

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