We couldn’t think of a costume for our 5 month old. I seen a lot of stroller costumes and the idea of a Pacman arcade game dawned on me. I actually thought it would be more difficult than it was. My husband cut the shape out of a regular cardboard box and it fit perfectly on our stroller!

I took over after that. I covered the box in yellow felt using hot glue to secure it. I covered the inside with black felt so none of the box would show. We had an old Pacman game that hooks up to the television that no longer worked. It had the joy stick so my husband took it apart and attached it to the box. Perfect! Next was the fun part (well for me anyway) I cut shapes to make the Pacman character for the sides of the game and painstakingly cut out each letter for the Pacman signs. I outlined everything with puffy fabric paint to add details. I also added some cherries, strawberries,  and the scared ghosts. I attached a shoe box lid (covered in felt) to the front where the coin slots would be in a real arcade game and wrote “Insert candy here”.

After everything was done I cut a simple bib shape from black felt to fit over my baby. I attached 2 lines of hollow blue rope to look like the game. I also cut out Pacman and a ghost. At night for trick or treating I inserted blue glow sticks in the hollow rope to glow like the actual game.