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Quick and Easy Pac-Man and Pinkie Couple’s Costume

My original idea fell through and it was two days to Halloween.  I scoured the internet for ideas and Pacman and Pinky seemed like a great choice with the supplies I had.  Thankfully, they worked out well and the kiddos at our trunk-or-treat loved the costumes.  I kept hearing, “How can they see me?”


  • Cardboard boxes
  • Felt (in desired colors)
  • Black see-through fabric (for the eyes)
  • Glue gun
  • Packing Tape
  • Box Cutter
  • Hula Hoop (or anything else big and circular)



Step 1: Use hula-hoop as a template for the shape.  Lay hula-hoop on cardboard, trace with marker and cut out with box cutter.  Cut two large circles, then choose size of mouth and cut accordingly.

Step 2: Determine how wide you need Pacman to be so you can fit inside. Once measured, cut long strips of cardboard the correct width to connect the front and back circles.

Step 3: Get crazy with the packing tape and tape Mr. Pacman together, keeping the mouth open (or if you choose to close that portion, have at it).

Step 4: Lay out felt and cut out pieces to cover the cardboard.

Step 5: Use glue gun to attach felt to cardboard.

Step 6: Cut out eye of Pacman and from the inside, put black see-through fabric.

Step 7: Using extra cardboard, make strips to act as shoulder straps inside the costume.

Step 8: Walk around, nice and proud for all to see your hard work!


Follow the above steps, adjusting only the shape of the cardboard.

Tip: Have your husband try on the costume prior to cutting the shoulder straps, he had longer arms than I planned for, which made his costume a little less comfortable throughout the night.

Quick and Easy Pac-Man and Pinkie Couple's Costume

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