First thing I did was hit the store for some raw materials to make this Ms. Pacman costume: two hula hoops, doll rods, yellow fabric, and black paint.

I cut the doll rods to fit the width of my shoulders and hips. Then, I hot glued the doll rods to to the hula hoops in six locations to hold the hula hoops parallel with one another. Next, I cut two large circles of the yellow fabric (the trick is to make the circles slightly larger than the circumference of the hula hoops). I stretched the circles of fabric over each hoop and hot glued the excess to the perimeter of the hula hoop. Then I cut two large rectangles to cover the space between the two hoops, leaving a space for my head and my legs. I used the black paint to make eyes and a mouth.

I picked up some red heels at a thrift store, snagged some red gloves from a costume shop, and purchased a large Christmas bow to wrap in my hair. On Halloween, I wore a pair of black leggings and a tank top under my ensemble. It was not the warmest costume to wear that chilly October, but the flood of compliments I got from all of my friends warmed me right up.