Coolest Ms. Pacman and Ghosts Group Costume

My friends and I decided to dress in a Homemade Ms. Pacman and Ghosts Group Costume. I was Ms. Pac man & my 3 friends were ghosts. As long as you have 1-4 friends, you will have enough “ghosts”.

ALL I used was 2 regular sized poster board for each costume. So, 2 yellow and each ghost you need one poster board the color of the ghost and blue poster board for as many ghosts you use. I made them so I could chase them too when they were blue! I just looked at some old Ms Pac Man and ghosts pictures and used a ruler to do a perfect ghost. Then I laid that one on top of all the other poster boards but the yellow ones, and cut them all out at once! Then I drew Ms Pac Man and traced on the 2nd piece of yellow paper. I used scrap paper for the details of the eyes, mouths, bow etc. I used black yarn to tie to each side poster board and tied them to fit over each person having a poster board on each side. We all wore black under them.

Homemade Ms. Pacman and Ghosts Group Costume